Ein Kritiker schrieb einmal, das Festspielhaus Baden-Baden stehe den Luxushotels der Stadt in Sachen Atmosphäre und Service in nichts nach. Das möchten wir natürlich so stehen lassen. Eine von Spitzenkoch Harald Wohlfahrt Inspirierte Küche und umsichtige Restaurant-Experten erwarten Sie vor, zwischen oder nach den magischen musikalischen Momenten nur wenige Schritte von Ihrem Platz im Saal zu Tisch.


The wooden floorboards, ornate stucco ceiling, wall mirrors and imposing chandelier of the “Aida” restaurant make for a perfect setting that recalls scenes from a Henry James novel.

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The best rooms are unobtrusive. That’s why one of the greatest charms of our foyer lies in its simplicity. Stairways, pillars, the play of light and shadow.

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The bar’s unusual design combines the atmosphere of the Old Railway Station with contemporary furniture, bar and mirrors to create a unique ambience.

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A rendezvous with history. This is where the Old Railway Station and the modern part of the Festspielhaus meet to create a semi-public space for all sorts of brief encounters.

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The lounge on level two of the Festspielhaus is open to all guests before the events and during the breaks. Here you can enjoy selected coffee specialties, canapés, pretzels and - to go with your coffee, cocoa or tea - delicacies from the pâtisserie: cakes and pastries. In summer, you can also enjoy a cool drink on our terrace.

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