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Team Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

Executive Management

Executive Management Benedikt Stampa General Manager and Artistic Director
Executive Management Dr. Ursula Koners Managing Director
Executive Management Annett Wagner Secretary to the Management
Executive Management Vanessa Falk Assistant to the artistic director
Executive Management Marion Herr Team Assistant Executive Management and Sponsorship

Artistic Administration Office

Artistic Management Office Patrick Esser Head of Department
Artistic Management Office Nicole Friedel Senior Project Manager Musical, Show, Concerts
Artistic Management Office Tania Glawe Senior Project Manager Dance, Concert
Artistic Management Office Tilmann Schmidt Senior Project Manager Concert
Artistic Management Office Markus Boss Senior Production Manager
Artistic Management Office Sarah Kling Production Manager
Event- and Facilitymanagement Theresia Hensel Head of Administration and Production Manager

Technical Departement

Technical departement Gregor Sand Head of Department
Technical departement Florian Quellmalz Dispatcher event technology
Technical departement Stefan Ibach Manager, Audio and Video Technology
Technical departement Paul Mertens Event Technology Specialist (Audio and Video Technology)
Technical departement Peter Kanneberger Lighting Technology Manager
Technical departement Jörg Knörr Event Technology Specialist (Stage Technology)
Technical departement Konstantin Adam Deputy Manager, Lighting Systems
Technical departement Niklas Bronner Specialist for event technology
Technical departement Christian Jost Event Technology Specialist (Stage Technology)
Technical departement Gholamreza Khandali Event Technology Staff
Technical departement Jeroen Koggel Master Event Engineering (Stage Engineering & Lighting)
Technical departement Aaron Schirmer Trainee, Event Technology
Technical departement Ben Schneider Master Event Engineering
Technical departement Arian Seifried Trainee Event Technology


Support programme Katrin Pitzer Head of Fundraising
Support programme Christian Fuchs Senior Manager Supporters' Circle and Sponsoring
Support programme Christine Bruder Customer advisor and ticket service
Support programme Bettina Schütt Coordinator Friends of the Festspielhaus, Business Circle, and Funding Acquisition

Ticket Service

Event- and Facilitymanagement Cornelius Veith Head of Department
Ticket-Service Elisabeth Buchler Tourism
Ticket-Service Anke Deverre Customer Service Representative
Ticket-Service Gaby Olschowy Customer service representative
Ticket-Service Britta Loose Travel Agent, Tourism
Ticket-Service Alea Franke Deputy head of Department
Ticket-Service Stefanie Hofmann Call Center Manager
Ticket-Service Susanne Krämer Customer Service Representative
Ticket-Service Jessica Wagner Customer Service Representative
Ticket-Service Diana Revazova Customer Service Representative
Ticket-Service Andrea Möhrmann Kundenberaterin

Marketing and Communication

Marketing and Communication Rüdiger Beermann Director of Marketing and Communications | Member of the Executive Board
Marketing and Communication Julia Solbach Assistant Media and Communications
Marketing and Communication Julia Lonkwitz Press officer
Marketing and Communication Dr. Wolfgang Müller Editor
Marketing and Communication Maria Riedinger Marketing Manager
Marketing and Communication Monica Michel Digital Media Designer
Marketing and Communication Dariusz Szymanski Editor, Lecturer
Marketing and Communication Catharina Kölmel Online-Editor
Marketing and Communication Sarah Halter Marketing Manager


PARTIZIPATION Anne Sophie Dräger Senior Manager Participation
PARTIZIPATION Lara Werner Project Manager Participation


GASTRONOMY Jennifer Hüllen Head of Lobby Team
GASTRONOMY Dirk Kuhlmann Deputy head of lobby team
GASTRONOMY Nina Schmitt AIDA Bistro Team Manager


GASTRONOMY Sabine Bernhard Head of Department
GASTRONOMY Dadié Serge-Clément Bobi Restaurant Manager
GASTRONOMY Andreas Hack Executive Chef
GASTRONOMY Bernd Schnaidt F&B Manager
GASTRONOMY Isabelle Bianchi Garde Manger
GASTRONOMY Christian Braunagel AIDA Bar Team Manager
GASTRONOMY Christopher Grundmann Entremetier
GASTRONOMY Gerd Kilgus Cook Canteen Bistro
GASTRONOMY Sandro Köhler Sous chef and Head of Canteen Bistro
GASTRONOMY Liviu Nees Kitchen Staff
GASTRONOMY Feras Haj Othman F&B Staff
GASTRONOMY Elke Peter Canteen Bistro Staff
GASTRONOMY Annette Schindler F&B Staff


Accounting Uwe Brixius Head of Department
Accounting Björn Marz Deputy head of department
Accounting Claudia Unser Accountant
Accounting Svetlana Pastuchow Financial accountant

Facility Management

Event- and Facilitymanagement Lars Sarnow Head of facility management
Event- and Facilitymanagement Michael Pflüger Electrician
Event- and Facilitymanagement Stephan Schoch Facility management
Event- and Facilitymanagement Max Okopnyj Facility Management
Event- and Facilitymanagement Patrik Schück Electrician


Event- and Facilitymanagement Theresia Hensel Head of Administration and Production Manager
Event- and Facilitymanagement Nathalie Acker Cleaning Services
Event- and Facilitymanagement Elena Bozhikova Cleaning Services
Event- and Facilitymanagement Phairin Doll Cleaning Services
Event- and Facilitymanagement Nitsamanee Kesaphoo Cleaning Services
Event- and Facilitymanagement Hedwig Laszcz Cleaning Services
Event- and Facilitymanagement Jane Mai Head of Reception
Event- and Facilitymanagement Elke Winter Reception
Event- and Facilitymanagement Sabine Witz Reception
Event- and Facilitymanagement Elvira Freier Reception