Vanessa Porter

Sunday matinee

A forest and a junkyard: these are the places where Vanessa Porter searches for new sounds. At the beginning it’s very much an adventure, but in the end something wonderful often comes out, since despite all the junkyard romanticism, it’s worth noting that the percussionist has swept all the most important awards of her field. Yet instead of standing on a pedestal, she creates an almost intimate kind of closeness with her art – for example through body percussion or her own compositions, which the artist intersperses between the classics of her repertoire.


Vanessa Porter
Folie for sounds and electronics

Vinko Globokar
Corporel for one percussionist

Vanessa Porter
Scene 1 for electronics

David Lang
The Anvil Chorus for percussion solo

Vanessa Porter
Scene 2 for electronics

Georges Aperghis
The Messenger for zarb and voice

Vanessa Porter
Scene 3 for electronics

Emil Kuyumcuyan
Shapes for vibraphone

Vanessa Porter
Scene 5 for electronics

Georges Aperghis
Le Corps à corps for zarb and voice

Alexander Sandi Kuhn
À Deux for vibraphone

Vanessa Porter
Scene 6 for electronics

Estimated end time: 12:10


Vanessa Porter Percussion
Daniel Mudrack Electronics