Vanessa Porter

Percussion in concert

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All events for the second half of the 2020–2021 season are still planned, but cannot currently be booked. Advance ticket sales have been interrupted. The current experience with the coronavirus pandemic has shown us that in the event of strong demand (above the currently permitted 500 guests), advance sales can only be expanded once the official approval has been given to open the hall accordingly. We will continue to publish or confirm the final program six weeks before the scheduled event.

Many talented young musicians hail from Baden-Württemberg, a testament to the system of musical education here – as well as to the living tradition of “Hausmusik” (domestic music-making). Though the instruments Stuttgart native Vanessa Porter plays so brilliantly are actually too large for “Hausmusik” in the strict sense. The award-winning percussionist performs at international festivals with her own ensembles and thrills listeners of every generation with her engaging brand of music-making.

Photo that shows Vanessa Porter C Arne Morgner. © Arne Morgner
© Arne Morgner


Music from Vanessa Porter, Salvatore Sciarrino, Vinko Globokar and David Lang.

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