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A Human Race. The Rite of Krump

A Human Race is about dancing against racism and exclusion: a subject that adolescents instantly understand and that adults are often quick to ignore. In no stage of life does the question "Where do I belong, and where do I not fit it?" play such an existential role as during the teenage years. The urban dance style known as "krumping" is usually not seen on stage. Born in the African American community of L.A., this type of dancing offers the appropriate form of expression to embody experiences of social inequality – raw and energetic, a creative valve for aggression. TANZKOMPLIZEN, an artistic collective from Berlin, combines krumping with the ballet music of Igor Stravinsky’s Le sacre du printemps. The result is inspiring and makes us want to try out krumping ourselves – for which there will be plenty of opportunity in a special workshop.


A production by Tanzkomplizen in the framework of the Offensive Tanz für junges Publikum (Germany) in cooperation with Art-Track (France).

Musik by Igor Strawinsky
(Le Sacre du printemps)

Estimated end time: 19:00


Luka Austin Seydou Dance
Solomon Quaynoo Dance
Rochdi Alexander Schmitt Dance
Mark Sheats Dance
Émilie Ouedraogo Spencer Dance