Peirani/Parisien Project


Where did the first jazz musicians perform outside of America? In Paris! The composers Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel already incorporated the blues into their works. In the meantime, the country now enjoys a great jazz tradition which combines the cultural openness of a former colonial empire with the awareness of its own roots, also – and especially – in jazz. After all, instruments such as the saxophone or accordion were invented in France. This influence is still felt today, with the country’s two most celebrated jazz musicians being saxophonist Emile Parisien and accordion virtuoso Vincent Peirani. Both perform as a "top-flight French duo" (3sat – Kulturzeit), invite colleagues from Germany or the U.S., and appear with their own ensembles. In order to present this diversity on stage, the two musicians came up with the Peirani/Parisien Project, in which they perform as a duo and appear with a sextet (Parisien) and a trio (Peirani) – before sharing the stage with all the musicians at the end of the concert.

Duo Vincent & Emile „Abrazo“

Emile Parisien Sextett „Louise“ with Theo Crocker (trp), Manu Codjia (guitar), Roberto Negro (piano), Joe Martin (bass), Nasheet Waits (drums)

Vincent Peirani Trio „Jokers“ with Frederico Casagrande (guitar), Yoann Serra (drums)


Estimated end time: 10:05 PM


Duo Vincent & Emile
Emile Parisien Sextett
Vincent Peirani Trio

Cooperation and partnership

In collaboration with: Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion