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Kaiser Quartett

Pop on sixteen strings

“We make pop music,” says violist Ingmar Süberkrüb of the Kaiser (String) Quartet self-confidently, and under the term he includes hip-hop, funk, and electro. You can't make classical music casually, and the same also applies to good pop songs. The four Hamburg natives analyze the musical essence of their electronic sources of inspiration via a classical string quartet. Whether it’s licks, riffs, or hooklines – they are all transferred to the four strings, where they serve their purpose: to spread fun and good feelings and take listeners along on a journey into a unique world.


Music of our time in classical sound

Estimated end time: 9:20 PM


Adam Zolynski Violin
Jansen Folkers
Ingmar Süberkrüb Viola
Martin Bentz Violoncello