Jess Gillam

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Among musicians, they are known as sidekicks: young artists who are sent on stage alongside a famous star in order to help the latter shine even more. Jess Gillam was once such a sidekick – but after the concert was over, all people were talking about was the “new star Gillam.” “A saxophonist steals the show from everyone,” read the BBC headline. “She may only be twenty years old, but Jess Gillam was the undisputed highlight of the evening.” With such a billing, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on this exceptional talent!

Photo that shows Jess Gillam C Robin Clewley Photography.


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Sonata for Oboe (Saxophone) and Piano

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Concerto for Oboe (Saxophone) in C minor

ECHO commissioned work – tbc

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Je ne t’aime pas

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Valse Vanité

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