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Techno sound meets big band jazz – this is the secret to success for the Munich Jazzrausch Bigband. The group was founded by Roman Sladek in Munich in 2014 and has developed under his leadership into one of today’s most successful big bands – with over 600 concerts worldwide, including at New York’s Lincoln Center. Together they created the new genre of techno jazz. Since the music goes straight to the legs, the audience has full permission to leap up from their seats: dancing is actively encouraged! And if you’ve ever wanted to look over the shoulders of musicians, behind the stage and in the run-up to the concert, you can apply for the Jazzrausch workshop. It's definitely worth experiencing! More at www.festspielhaus.de

Photo that shows 3 Jazzrausch Bigband C Fabian Mondl. © Fabian Mondl
© Fabian Mondl
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