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Supporters of the Festspielhaus give a precious gift to themselves and others. While it’s impossible to put a value on their commitment, members are entitled to benefits and we consider these benefits a great opportunity to say THANK YOU to the entire audience – and to make our supporters feel part of the inner circle of the Festspielhaus family. Please contact us!

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  • Donors

    Annual donations of 1 million Euro

    • Frieder and Elke Burda
    • Ladislaus and Annemarie von Ehr
    • Bernd-Dieter and Ingeborg Gonska
    • Wolfgang and Anneliese Grenke
    • Henriette and Paul Heinze Stiftung
    • Klaus-Georg Hengstberger
    • Klaus and Hella Janson
    • Sigmund and Walburga Maria Kiener
    • Horst Kleiner and Isolde Laukien-Kleiner
    • Albrecht and Christiane Knauf
    • Karlheinz and Dagmar Kögel
    • Ernst H. and Helga Kohlhage
    • Richard and Bettina Kriegbaum
    • Christine and Klaus-Michael Kühne
    • Ernst-Moritz Lipp and Angelika Lipp-Krüll
    • Klaus and Kirsten Mangold
    • Hugo and Rose Mann
    • Reinhard and Karin Müller
    • Wolfgang and Françoise Müller-Claessen
    • Dr. August Oetker KG
    • Hans R. Schmid and Mary Victoria Gerardi-Schmid
    • Walter Veyhle
    • Alberto Vilar
    • Franz Bernhard and Annette Wagener
    • Horst and Marlis Weitzmann
    • Beatrice and Götz W. Werner
    • and five unnamed sponsors
    • In memoriam
    • Theo and Gabi Kummer
    • Margarete Stienen

    Annual donations of 250.000 Euro

    • Wolfgang and Anneliese Grenke
    • Sigmund and Walburga Maria Kiener
    • Horst Kleiner and Isolde Laukien-Kleiner
    • Ernst H. and Helga Kohlhage
    • Richard and Bettina Kriegbaum
    • Christine and Klaus-Michael Kühne
    • Horst and Marlis Weitzmann
    • Beatrice and Götz W. Werner
    • T. von Zastrow Foundation

    Annual donations of 100.000 Euro

    • Frieder and Elke Burda
    • felicitas and werner egerland stiftung
    • Fontana-Stiftung
    • Männi and Didi Herrmann
    • Karlheinz and Dagmar Kögel
    • Klaus and Kirsten Mangold
    • Elke and Christoph Mann
    • Hugo and Rose Mann
    • Rudolf-August Oetker-Stiftung
    • Hanns A. Pielenz Stiftung
    • Wilfried and Sabine Porth
    • Hans R. Schmid and Mary Victoria
    • Gerardi-Schmid
    • Franz Bernhard and Annette Wagener
    • and one unnamed sponsor

    Annual donations of 75.000 Euro

    • Péter Horváth
    • Klaus and Hella Janson
    • and one unnamed sponsor
    • In memoriam
    • Alice and Hans Joachim Thormählen

    Annual donations of 50,000 euros

    • Franz and Christa Burda
    • Ladislaus and Annemarie von Ehr
    • Ute Keppler-Gouras and Peter Gouras
    • Thorsten and Brigitte Klapproth
    • Albrecht and Christiane Knauf
    • Günter Pilarsky
    • Günter and Annette Tetzner
    • Jürgen H. Winter
  • „RUBY“

    Annual donations of 20,000 euros

    • Ursula Faupel
    • Heike and John Feldmann
    • Axel Hommrich
    • Inge and Werner Lehmann
    • Ernst-Moritz Lipp and Angelika Lipp-Krüll
    • Ingo Mack
    • Helmut and Ingeborg Maute
    • Klaus Nussbaum and Gabriela Schätzle
    • Jörg Sander
    • Achim Schuhen and Heinrich Holtkötter
    • Heidi and Hartmut Wächter
    • Ulrich and Silke Weber
    • and four unnamed sponsors

    Annual donations of 15,000 euros

    • Hans-Jörg and Ulrike Haferkamp
    • Martin Herrenknecht
    • Béatrice and Heinrich Kipp
    • Theodor Mailänder and Elisabeth Roth
    • Eva Mayr-Stihl Stiftung
    • Karin Siegel
    • and three unnamed sponsors

    Annual donations of 10,000 euros

    • Vasiliki Basia and Jörg Rockenhäuser
    • Ralph Becker and Katja Nowak-Becker
    • Clemens and Gerhild Börsig
    • Lilyana Dimitrova and Dirk Weiske
    • Robert F. Dondelinger and Daniel Fisch
    • Manfred and Lilo Fuchs
    • Bernd-Dieter and Ingeborg Gonska
    • Inge Harm
    • Frauke and Michael Janßen
    • Antje-Katrin Kühnemann and Jörg Gühring
    • Lieselotte Maier
    • Erwin and Anita Müller
    • David and Innes Ovsepyan
    • Brigitte and Arnold Petzoldt
    • Gabriele and Michael Schlüter
    • Günter and Gudrun Schneider
    • Hannelore Pütz-Sparberg and
    • Lothar Sparberg
    • Katrin and Rick van Aerssen
    • Peter and Margarete Voß
    • Brita Wegener and Rainer Weiske
    • Konstantin Winterstein
    • Hans B. Wyss und Brigitte Wyss-Sponagel
    • and eight unnamed sponsors
  • „GOLD“

    Annual donations of 5,000 euros

    • Paul and Erica Becker
    • Walter and Christa Berthold
    • Herbert Brodowski and
    • Hannelore Erichs-Brodowski
    • Gabriele Feller-Heppt and Werner Heppt
    • Peter and Ute Fietzek
    • Gerhard Förster
    • Gabi and Wolfgang Furler
    • Günter and Elvira Gerich
    • Eberhard and Barbara Graf
    • Anne Heitmann
    • Thomas Herdegen
    • Karin and Ilka Hessler
    • Maren and Michael Huber
    • Klaus and Helga Kaiser
    • Ralf Kathmann
    • Henning and Sabine Kreschel
    • Nikolaus and Regina Krings
    • Gisela Kuller
    • Ulrich Meiser
    • Janez Mercun
    • Richard Orders
    • Kurt and Waltraud Rohner
    • Horst Sandner
    • Yvonne and Andreas Schill
    • Marianne Schippmann
    • Hans-Joachim and Sabine Selzer
    • Reinhard and Dorothea Sulies
    • Sieglinde Vollmer
    • Inge Wenz
    • Helga Wisskirchen
    • Alexander and Renate Witte
    • and fifteen unnamed sponsors
  • „SILVER“

    Annual donations of 2,500 euro

    • Charles Alan Alexander and
    • Katarzyna Starega
    • Kyle Baker
    • Gerhard Bareiss and Christiane
    • Pergande-Bareiss
    • Elisabeth Baumann
    • Dieter and Elisabeth Boeck Stiftung
    • Désirée Burg
    • Walter Ditz and Daniela Range-Ditz
    • Eppensteiner Stiftung
    • Karin and Carl-Heinrich Esser
    • Bernhard and Marianne Fink
    • Hans-H. and Ann Firnges
    • Manfred Fraaß and Ulla van der Velden
    • Helga Göcke
    • Peter Karl Eugen and Renate Göhring
    • Dietmar and Waltraud Greiser
    • Norbert and Marie-Pierre Gross
    • Anne-Marie Haist
    • Michael and Edda Hamburger
    • Regina and Horst Heller
    • Markus Hoffmann and Ulrike Nostadt
    • Gertrude Hohmann
    • Edward and Marianne Jaeger-Booth
    • Peter W. and Angelika Kalmbach
    • Rainer and Angelika Kirchdörfer
    • Andreas and Marietta Korsch
    • Seta and Eduard Kulenkamp
    • Marianne and Werner Lulay-Dander
    • Marina and Sven Noppes
    • Dorothe and Ulrich Rappen
    • Gisbert and Brigitte Reel
    • Manfred and Rosemarie Rhodius
    • Hartmut and Hannelore Schaaf
    • Susanne Scherfer-Maros and
    • Tiberius Maros Stiftung
    • Karl Schlecht Stiftung
    • Meinolf and Christiane Schmidt
    • Dietmar and Heidi Siebels
    • Berthold Speer and Helena Gesänger
    • Helga Spriestersbach
    • Maria and Peter Theile
    • Inge Vendryes
    • Viktor and Karin von Zglinitzki
    • Susanne and Jürgen Wilde
    • Werner K. and Eleonore Wolf
    • Victor and Karin von Zglinitzki
    • Hans Ernst Zöller
    • Gabriele and Günter Zorn
    • and twenty unnamed sponsors
    • In memoriam
    • Wolfgang Müller-Claessen

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