The Festival Hall



The OED defines it a s “quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner”, while the Romans celebrated the “clarity” of elegance. Baden-Baden owes its elegance to bold lines, to the play of light and to a certain French flair that does not take itself too seriously. Or, as Bill Clinton succinctly put it: “Baden-Baden is so nice that you have to name it twice.”

Woods & water

Shades of Green: With this view in the morning, the whole day feels like a dream. In Baden-Baden the Black Forest meets the exotic plant fashions of the 19th century. Redwoods grow here within a German mountain flora. And somehow the trees stand for the many people of different cultures who come to find ease and comfort in Baden-Baden.


A visit to the Friedrichsbad or a walk along the Panorama hiking trail allow visitors to Baden-Baden to leave their busy daily lives behind. Even Mark Twain suspected that he was on to something very special when he took the waters at the Roman-Irish Bath, and he was right! The healing powers of the thermal springs are timeless, offering ever new opportunities for a city with a proud history that keeps reinventing itself.

Hotel recommendations

Fine food

73 Michelin stars shine over Baden-Württemberg, including more than two dozen around Baden-Baden alone. Germany is still the "most dynamic country" in the field of culinary art, say the star-awarding bodies, and they have once again honored a particularly large number of chefs in central and southern Baden-Baden for 2021. The gourmet traveler benefits from this at every turn.

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