Festspielhaus Supporters

As part of the Festspielhaus Supporters’ Circle, cultural enthusiasts show their commitment with individual donations. Through their strong identification with the Festspielhaus and its top-level opera, concert, and ballet performances, these music lovers make the Festspielhaus program possible. With their mostly long-term support, the members of the Supporters’ Circle make a statement of solidarity while ensuring that culture can continue to move forward in the future.

For Baden-Baden, the Festspielhaus is a gateway to the world.

In our community of private sponsors, we ensure that it remains wide open – to the best on stage and to an interested audience across generations.

MARKUS & KATHARINA DE ROSSI (Festspielhaus sponsors)

Your benefits

Exclusive pre-booking rights for all events is just one of the benefits appreciated by Supporters. Depending on the donation amount, members of the Supporters’ Circle enjoy further advantages including the use of the exclusive Club Lounge by Rolf Benz and participation in rehearsal visits, music seminars, and cultural tours. Festive gatherings in the building and backstage ensure many unforgettable highlights together with this wonderful "Festspielhaus family."

Annual donations of 1 million Euro

Frieder and Elke Burda
Ladislaus and Annemarie von Ehr
Bernd-Dieter and Ingeborg Gonska
Anneliese Grenke
Wolfgang Grenke
Henriette and Paul Heinze Stiftung
Klaus-Georg Hengstberger
Klaus and Hella Janson
Sigmund and Walburga Maria Kiener
Horst Kleiner and Isolde Laukien-Kleiner
Albrecht and Christiane Knauf
Karlheinz and Dagmar Kögel
Ralf Kogeler
Ernst H. and Helga Kohlhage
Richard and Bettina Kriegbaum
Christine and Klaus-Michael Kühne
Ernst-Moritz Lipp and Angelika Lipp-Krüll
Frank and Annerose Maier
Klaus and Kirsten Mangold
Hugo and Rose Mann
Reinhard and Karin Müller
Wolfgang and Françoise Müller-Claessen
Dr. August Oetker KG
Hans R. Schmid and Mary Victoria Gerardi-Schmid
Franz Bernhard and Annette Wagener
Rainer Weiske and Brita Wegener
Horst and Marlis Weitzmann
Beatrice and Götz W. Werner
And four unnamed sponsors

In memoriam

Theo and Gabi Kummer
Margarete Stienen
Walter Veyhle
Alberto Vilar


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Fundraising Katrin Pitzer Head of Fundraising
Fundraising Christian Fuchs Senior Manager Supporters' Circle and Sponsoring
Fundraising Bettina Schütt Coordinator Friends of the Festspielhaus, Business Circle, and Funding Acquisition
Fundraising Christine Bruder Customer advisor and ticket service