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Schubert & die zweite Wiener Schule

Kammermusik I

As complex as the music of Schönberg, Webern and Berg was, the composers of the so-called Second Viennese School had a sense for cabaret, operetta and dance music. Timing is important in these genres of comedy - and this has to do with "time" from a linguistic point of view. Music is the art of time par excellence. And the works by Webern and Schönberg played in the current concert are as short as good jokes. The fact that Webern also composed Schubert's Dances for orchestra is hardly surprising.


Arnold Schoenberg
Six Little Piano Pieces, op. 19

Franz Schubert
12 Ländler, op. 171 (excerpts)

Anton Webern
Four Songs op. 13 for soprano and chamber orchestra

Franz Schubert
18 Walzes, op. 9a (excerpts)

Anton Webern
Concerto for Nine Instruments, op. 24

Franz Schubert
Menuetto from Piano Sonata in G major, D. 894, op. 78

Alban Berg
Seven Early Songs


Scharoun Ensemble
Rinnat Moriah Soprano
Stanley Dodds Conductor


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