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Komoco/Sofia Nappi

Dance is a tradition at the Takeover Festival. This time, with sisters Sofia and Alice Nappi, we have invited a ballet from Italy. Sofia is the choreographer and performer, Alice the violinist and composer. The ballet company Komoco, which they founded, plays an important role in the international contemporary dance scene. "Komoco" combines the Japanese word "Komorebi" with "Collab": that is, "sunbeams shining through the tree leaves" with "collaboration between art forms and artists." As part of the Takeover Festival, members of the company also invite the audience to participate in joint workshops.


Music by Henry Purcell, Arvo Pärt, Nils Frahm, Yaron Engler and others.


Komoco/Sofia Nappi Choreography
Alessandro Caso Lighting
Luigi Formicola Costumes

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