2.2. - 11.2.24


The young festival Baden-Baden

3.2. - 5.2.23

Review Takeover Festival 2023


Passing on the torch of art – this certainly has a good ring to it. And in our case, it is even true: at some point, what we cultivate and permit to grow will be taken over by young people. We’re offering a glimpse of the future today by handing over the Festspielhaus to young people – at the Takeover Festival, which we will now be presenting for the second time. The new generation will take over the building, technology, and stage. In view of the challenges of our time, we are motivated to create a new and better cooperation: piano meets technology, BMX bike meets string quartet, dance meets light projection. Jazz duos share the space, and classical star violinist Daniel Hope plays with the Zürcher Kammerorchester and a jazz trio. The performers will be reaching out both to one another and to the audience, in the form of workshops with the artists which will be taking place at each event. Everyone can participate, all you need to do is register.

A big thank you to our partners of the 2023 Festival