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Hamlet 21

The World of John Neumeier: Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

Neumeier's Hamlet 21 begins in a school class. An ingenious alienation effect that expresses two things: 1) Most of us get to know Shakespeare's Hamlet in school. 2) Prince Hamlet was also young once. Starting from this, Neumeier reveals many catalysts for the Danish prince’s later decisions. The choreographer interweaves the viewer's perspective, the history of Shakespeare, numerous historical sources, his own ballet language, and the music of British composer Michael Tippett into a multi-faceted whole. Responsibility for the past is the central theme of the ballet, a work of art that, typically for Neumeier, reconciles modern perspectives with dance tradition.


Hamlet 21
Ballet by John Neumeier
after Saxo Grammaticus and William Shakespeare
Music by Michael Tippett


Klaus Hellenstein Set Designer and Costume Designer
Simon Hewett Conductor
Federico Ceppetelli Violin
Tomoko Akasaka Viola
Romain Garioud Violoncello
Hamburg Ballett