30.9. - 9.10.2022

The World of John Neumeier

Dance Festival Baden-Baden


The partnership that unites the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden and John Neumeier has now lasted for more than two decades, and this collaboration has recently been significantly expanded. The result is a festival where John Neumeier presents his comprehensive understanding of dance – with the Hamburg Ballet, as always, taking center stage. For the National Youth Ballet of Germany, which he founded, Neumeier has created the new work The Invisible Ones. In it the choreographer remembers dancers and choreographers from the 1920s and 1930s and commemorates the victims of National Socialism. The expansion of the festival into the city epitomizes Neumeier's desire to connect with the world through dance. The dance world will come to Baden-Baden thanks to further guests as the festival city is transformed into a city of dance, in Neumeier’s words. We can’t wait to see the result!

The Program

FR 30.9.22


Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

John Neumeier never misses an opportunity to present the works and the company himself – in his Ballet Workshop, which has long attained cult status among ballet fans and owes its success to the choreographer’s fascinating personality. Neumeier is a charismatic artist who knows how to entertain his audience while providing valuable insights: into his thought process and his way of translating historical personalities and world literature into ballets.


1.10. – 3.10.22


Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

The Beethoven Year served as the inspiration for Neumeier's exploration of music that is brimming with impulses to movement. Neumeier has created a choreography that is loosely based on Beethoven's life – as previously in the Beethoven Project I, which was performed and filmed with great success in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden.


5.10. – 6.10.22


National Youth Ballet of Germany

With his project The Invisible Ones, John Neumeier and the National Youth Ballet of Germany have begun searching for their murdered colleagues, allowing their stories to resonate posthumously in an echo chamber of memory as they present impressions from the time – with a dance collage featuring music, song, and text that illuminates different aspects of German Expressionist dance and commemorates the victims of National Socialism.


7.10. – 9.10.22


Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier

The choreographer interweaves the viewer's perspective, the history of Shakespeare, numerous historical sources, his own ballet language, and the music of British composer Michael Tippett into a multi-faceted whole. Responsibility for the past is the central theme of the ballet, a work of art that, typically for Neumeier, reconciles modern perspectives with dance tradition.



Social Dance

The dance festival "The World of John Neumeier" will also take place in social institutions. Before and during the festival, members of the National Youth Ballet of Germany will dance, choreograph, and have fun with children or young people. The idea of social involvement is very important to the National Youth Ballet. "I am impressed time and again at where the NYB is implementing its projects," says John Neumeier. The dancers have already thrilled viewers at facilities for young and elderly people, hospitals, even in prisons. The results of the work done during the festival "The World of John Neumeier" will be presented to the public. Times and venues can be found on the website www.festspielhaus.de/participation.

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