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Diana Damrau & Jonas Kaufmann

Love songs by Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms

Diana Damrau and Jonas Kaufmann sing the praise of love in all its many facets: from dreaming to longing, from the happiness of fulfillment to disappointment and renunciation. Schumann and Brahms wrote many of the songs with Robert's wife Clara in mind, with whom Johannes fell in love when Robert was already ill. A tempestuous love affair that Johannes and Clara would transform into a lifelong friendship after Robert's death. The songs themselves celebrate love, which for the Romantics was not viewed as a play of hormones, but as a magical force that marks the transition from youth to adulthood. A test whose lessons include disappointment as well as fulfillment. Damrau and Kaufmann will be accompanied at the piano by Helmut Deutsch.


Songs by Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms

In German with German and English supertitles.

Estimated end time: 19:30