For schools and educators

Because there’s not always enough time for creativity and artistic pursuits in the normal school day, the Festspielhaus has joined partners and sponsors in developing programs for school classes and educators. Summer School and Columbus – Discovering Classical Music! respond directly to students' learning needs; with Teach the Teachers, educators discover how music and dance can inspire math or language lessons, while with Diggin’ Opera and IM.PULS, it’s show time for the students!

Teach the Teachers

Inspired by artists

Tools for teaching

Making music and dancing enrich the personality, something that educators can witness and realize for themselves in our wide variety of training courses – and then test out what they have learned with their students straight away the next day. This offering is based on the educational standards of the state of Baden-Württemberg and is supported by the Hanns A. Pielenz Foundation.

Columbus school project

Well prepared to encounter the stars

The classic among our children's and youth programs, this project allows students to attend Festspielhaus events at the price of 10 euros per ticket. In cooperation with the Regional Council of Karlsruhe, preparatory teaching materials will be developed to prepare the children for the events. The project is supported by GRENKE AG.


Music theater by and for young people

Diggin' Opera

What role do new media play in imparting knowledge of music and opera? This is the question that is explored in the multi-year project Diggin’ Opera. In cooperation with the felicitas and werner egerland foundation, artists work together with young people to create music theater using digital tools. In 2021, the project received a Young Ears award.


The music education program for students

This new music education program brings together international artists and senior high school students in order to explore music. In 2021/2022, participants will be the vision string quartet and students from the Freiburg and Baden-Baden region together with music educators from the Freiburg University of Music. The project is made possible by the T. von Zastrow Foundation. The quartet’s musicians will take the students on a journey exploring their understanding of music and their interpretation that straddles the boundaries between classical music and rock.

Summer School

In the Baden-Württemberg Summer School, artists and educators motivate third graders as they are about to enter fourth grade. The idea: outside of school, previous learning material is combined with an exciting topic in the last week of the summer holidays and thus repeated in a creative way. In the Festspielhaus, children will invent their own music theater and present it to their proud relatives and friends at the end of the project week.

PARTIZIPATION Christian Vierling Participation Officer