For children, young people and their families

Too small? There’s no such thing! Music gives joy at all ages. In Musa!, babies and toddlers come into contact with music in a way appropriate to their delicate ears. At interactive music celebrations, everyone gets the opportunity to sing and play on the Festspielhaus stage – even if it’s for the very first time. If you’re keen on learning more about tooting and blowing, Toccarion offers all kinds of instruments that can be tried out under the guidance of educators.

Participation festivities

Step onstage! Several times a year, we join with artists in inviting you to give free rein to your creativity. Become an artist yourself and experience the magic of the stage! From the first steps on the ballet barre to an elaborate choreography, from the first beats in the rehearsal room to a public performance in the middle of the orchestra – with us, everything is possible. In workshops, you’ll create your own dance performances, enjoy thrilling concert experiences, and take part in choir projects where more than just the roaring final applause will remain in your memory for a long time to come.


Open yourself to fascination! The love of music, theater, and art begins with the joy of wonderment, and for this the Festspielhaus offers many opportunities. In MUSA!, even the very youngest listen to sounds that specially trained professional musicians conjure forth from their instruments. Concerts and music theater created with imagination and expertise are especially appealing to children, young people, and families: an invitation to enjoy and discover new things!

Upcoming events

PARTIZIPATION Carolina Nees Head of Department
PARTIZIPATION Lara Werner Project Manager Participation
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The incredible children’s music world presented by the Sigmund Kiener Foundation

In addition to the Festspielhaus, the old Fürstenbahnhof is also home to the TOCCARION, founded by the non-profit Sigmund Kiener Foundation. In the incredible children's music world, children and adults can discover music in a completely new way. In guided tours, you will explore the topics of voice and singing, rhythm and dance, instruments and music-making in orchestra and band. How does the voice work? What is a rhythm? What do colors sound like? Playing a recorder in a group of three and running over the piano? It's all possible in the TOCCARION. Memories of lasting value are guaranteed!

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TOCCARION Judith Koschmieder Music Educator
TOCCARION Marleen Splettstößer Project Manager