FAQ - Covid-19 Questions

Frequently asked questions about the current situation

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Will events be held at the Baden-Baden Festspielhaus during the Corona Pandemic?

Events at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden (as of March 7th, 2021) will remain suspended until at least April 30th 2021.

What do I do with tickets for 2021 that have already been purchased?

All ticket purchases until May 6th, 2021 can be reverted as follows: 1) Exchanging tickets for vouchers 2) Donating the ticket price - in the current situation this would be very helpful 3) Refund of entrance fee

Our Ticketing Service Center will be happy to advise you personally: e-mail: info@festspielhaus.de Phone: 07221 / 30 13 101

What will happen to tickets for events after May 6th, 2021?

Tickets purchased for after May 6th, 2021 will remain valid. The Festspielhaus Baden-Baden will inform you in due time before the next event. Advance ticket sales are suspended for that period.

When will the program return?

Currently, we are expecting performances to continue soon, and we will be keeping you updated. Visitors with tickets will be informed individually and in time.

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Updated: 4/2/2021