Cultural Foundation

Since its founding in 2000, the non-profit Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Cultural Foundation has been responsible for the privately financed operation of Germany’s largest opera house and concert hall. With around nine million euros in donations per year, the entire "Festspielhaus family," consisting of Donors, Supporters, the Friends of the Festspielhaus and Business Owners’ Circle, makes this unique financing model possible. The Cultural Foundation is responsible for the operation of the Festspielhaus and its top-calibre program, while the city of Baden-Baden is the owner of the building. During the coronavirus pandemic, the State of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Republic of Germany have been supporting this successful private-public partnership. The Cultural Foundation relies on donations. Donors are committed to preserving Europe's musical and dance heritage and passing it on to future generations.

Every note that resounds in the Festspielhaus testifies to what people can achieve with their commitment.

The Festspielhaus miracle has become an economic factor for the entire region. As a donor and board member of the Cultural Foundation, I couldn’t wish for a better return.

ERNST-MORITZ LIPP (Chairman of the Board, Festspielhaus Baden-Baden Cultural Foundation)

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee manages the Foundation and its assets in accordance with statutory regulations, the articles of association and the decisions made by the Advisory Board.


Ernst-Moritz Lipp (chairman of the Executive Committee)
Thorsten Klapproth (Foundation Executive Board)

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is comprised of persons whose donations have contributed significantly to the Foundation’s financial resources. They are nominated for life at the proposal of the Executive Committee. The Lord Mayor of Baden-Baden is an automatic member of the Advisory Board.


Richard Kriegbaum (Chairman of the Advisory Board)
Dr. Ralf Kogeler (Deputy. chairman of the Advisory Board)


Frieder and Elke Burda
Ladislaus and Annemarie von Ehr
Bernd-Dieter and Ingeborg Gonska
Wolfgang and Anneliese Grenke
Henriette and Paul Heinze Stiftung
Klaus-Georg Hengstberger
Klaus and Hella Janson
Sigmund and Walburga Maria Kiener
Horst Kleiner and Isolde Laukien-Kleiner
Albrecht and Christiane Knauf
Karlheinz and Dagmar Kögel
Ralf Kogeler
Ernst H. and Helga Kohlhage
Richard and Bettina Kriegbaum
Christine and Klaus-Michael Kühne
Ernst-Moritz Lipp and Angelika Lipp-Krüll
Frank and Annerose Maier
Klaus and Kirsten Mangold
Hugo and Rose Mann
Reinhard and Karin Müller
Wolfgang and Françoise Müller-Claessen
Dr. August Oetker KG
Hans R. Schmid and Mary Victoria Gerardi-Schmid
Franz Bernhard and Annette Wagener
Rainer Weiske and Brita Wegener
Horst and Marlis Weitzmann
Beatrice and Götz W. Werner
as well as four unnamed donators

In memoriam
Theo and Gabi Kummer
Margarete Stienen
Walter Veyhle
Alberto Vilar

Fundraising Katrin Pitzer Head of Fundraising