Winter Festival


Whoever has seen it once will never forget it. Admittedly, you need a bit of luck: to experience freshly-fallen snow in the evening, in Lichtentaler Allee, as the park lighting is reflected in the glittering snow crystals. It is for moments like this that the word "magic" was invented in the first place. Such magic is more easily accessible in the Baden-Baden Christkindelsmarkt, with its local and Alsatian specialties, against the backdrop of the snow-covered peaks of the Black Forest mountains. A short walk from the Christkindelsmarkt, the Festspielhaus welcomes you with a sparkling Christmas tree and a festive winter festival program. The centerpiece will be a sumptuous ballet production of Cinderella with the Bayerisches Staatsballett. The Wiener Philharmoniker will also present Brahms with Igor Levit and Christian Thielemann. Heartwarming, and with Cinderella, something for the whole family.

The Program

THU 14.12.23/SA 16.12.23/SU 17.12.23


Bayerisches Staatsballett

The fairy tale in a nutshell? Poor girl becomes princess, or: from ashes to diamond. In other words, perfect for the Christmas season.


FR 15.12.23


Christian Thielemann, Igor Levit

Igor Levit performs one of the most difficult piano concertos of the Romantic period – and one of the most beautiful. "I don’t get a moment of rest!" says the pianist. Christian Thielemann conducts the Wiener Philharmoniker, the concerto is Johannes Brahms's Second.


SU 10.12.23


On December 10, the Festspielhaus will be transformed into a giant ensemble – with music in every corner. Dancing and sounds everywhere: not just in the hall, but also in the foyer, in the corridors and on the stairs. At The Festspielhaus Resounds, the gates open to friends, neighbors, and all guests who simply want to drop by. 25 years of the Festspielhaus: be there when the whole building comes alive for you!

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