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Thomas Quasthoff


Thomas Quasthoff, one of the acclaimed lied interpreters of our time, now sings jazz. In classical music, the world-renowned baritone is still active as a voice professor and the initiator of the Das Lied competition. But on stage, jazz, along with recitations, takes up most of his time. Most recently, he paid us a visit in 2019 to celebrate his sixtieth birthday in a session with friends drawn from the front ranks of German jazz musicians. This time we congratulate him on his sixty-fifth and let the master speak for himself: "The only reason I sing jazz is that I really enjoy it. I don't need any more reasons than that."


Estimated end time: 22:00


Simon Oslender Piano, Organ
Dieter Ilg Contrabass
Wolfgang Haffner Drums


In collaboration with: Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion

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