Jazz show for children ages six and up

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THE-LO-NI-OUS MONK. The name sounds like the hero of an adventure story – and Thelonious was just such a hero in real life. Someone who wore strange hats, didn’t take off his sunglasses even at night, and frightened the good citizens of New York with his little goatee. And how did someone like this become world famous? Through jazz music! Music that was just as strange as Thelonious himself, and almost magical: it stunned the audience, but they couldn't get it out of their heads afterward. We are dedicating our show, for everyone ages six and up, to this legendary jazz pianist and composer: featuring exciting video projections, funny musician jokes, and music by a jazz trio that will provide a breath of fresh air to the ears of children and adults alike. Jazz fun for the entire family!

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Featuring a jazz trio (piano, percussion, bass) live on the stage.

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