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Teodor Currentzis: Mahler 5

Utopia Orchestra

For conductor Teodor Currentzis, music is always about total emotional commitment: pondering the big questions, a religious act, the fervor of world redemption, an overwhelming experience. When Mahler's Fifth begins with a funeral march before setting heaven and hell in motion in the second movement, Currentzis is completely in his element. He seeks extremes, and thus finds his way into his listeners’ hearts. Our tip? Everyone loves the first movement and the Adagietto. But pay attention to the less popular third movement – it is no coincidence that it is at the center of the symphony. And that is just how it should be heard: as the central movement, a folk melody that suddenly opens up to the whole cosmos.


Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 5 in C-sharp minor

Estimated end time: 21:15


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