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Teodor Currentzis: Bruckner 9

Utopia Orchestra

Anton Bruckner dedicated his Ninth Symphony to God. In his case, this should be taken literally. The devout composer prayed and fasted regularly, during which he had mystical experiences. He meticulously recorded these encounters with God in his diary – and translated them into music in his symphonies. The Ninth is full of spiritual ecstasies, but in the central scherzo: is it the devil that appears? In the form of a machine? Riddles upon riddles. The Adagio already has one foot in heaven. In short, this symphony is one of the greatest ever written. We are delighted that it will be Currentzis who unleashes Bruckner's storms in today’s concert.


Anton Bruckner
Symphony No. 9 in D minor

Estimated end time: 19:15


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Sponsors: Klaus Nussbaum and Gabriela Schätzle

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