Symphonie fantastique

Autumn Festival 2022: Balthasar-Neumann-Ensemble - Antonello Manacorda

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Wagner brewed mysterious magic potions in the vein of dark Romanticism, which promises poison, phantoms, and pleasure. The pendulum swung after 1800, when the angel of reason was supplanted by the devil of desires. Carl Maria von Weber took the Wolf’s Gorge near Baden-Baden as the model for his Devil scene in Der Freischütz, and Hector Berlioz, the great admirer of Weber and friend of Baden-Baden, included the Devil in his Symphonie fantastique. A Parisian waltz, like the one that was fashionable on the Oos at the time, makes an appearance in the second movement. The lyrical main melody, the musical image of the unattainable lover, was taken by the composer from his cantata Herminie, which will also be heard in this evening’s concert.

Photo that shows Antonello Manacorda C Nikolaj Lund 1. © Nikolaj Lund
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Hector Berlioz
Herminie, cantata to a text by Pierre-Ange Vieillard
Symphonie fantastique, op. 14

In French with German and English supertitles.

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