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Strauss: The Woman Without a Shadow

Kirill Petrenko, Berliner Philharmoniker

Monumental opera. When painter Gustav Klimt coated his famous paintings with gold leaf, Richard Strauss musically reveled in the opulence that was so typical of Vienna at the time. No fewer than five powerful Wagnerian voices are needed for his Die Frau ohne Schatten, not to mention the many supporting roles. Strauss’s fairy tale is thus the epitome of a festival opera. To conjure up the effects of this sound magician, his mammoth orchestra also employs five Chinese gongs and a glass harmonica. A central work of Art Nouveau, a gathering of exceptional voices, a delight for the audience, and a musical calling card for the Berliner Philharmoniker.


Estimated end time: 10:30 PM


Lydia Steier Director
Paul Zoller Stage
Katharina Schlipf Costumes
Tabatha McFadyen Choreography
Elana Siberski Light
Momme Hinrichs Videodesign
Rebecca Barrault Makeup
Mark Schachtsiek Dramaturgy
Clay Hilley The emperor
Elza van den Heever The empress
Michaela Schuster The nurse
Wolfgang Koch Barak, the Dyer
Miina-Liisa Värelä The Dyer's Wife
Vivien Hartert The girl
Peter Hoare The hunchback
Nathan Berg The one-armed man
Johannes Weisser The one-eyed man
Bogdan Baciu The messenger of Keikobad
Evan LeRoy Johnson The apparition of a youth
Agnieszka Adamczak The voice of a falcon, The guardian of the temple threshold, Servant, Child's voice, Voice of the unborn
Kseniia Nikolaieva A voice from above, Child's voice, Voice of the unborn
Dorottya Lang Servant, Child's voice, Voice of the unborn
Serafina Starke Servant, Child's voice, Voice of the unborn
Gerrit Illenberger Town Watchman
Thomas Mole Town Watchman
Theodore Platt Town watchman
Shannon Keegan Voice of the unborn/Child's Voice
Flore Van Meerssche Voice of the unborn/Child's Voice
Susanne Kahl Falcon
Emmanuelle Rizzo Gazelle
Philip Eichhorn Youth
Chor des Nationalen Musikforums Breslau
Cantus Juvenum Karlsruhe

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