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9 - 40 €

Simply Quartet

Sunday Matinee

Two masks, one laughing, the other crying: the Sino-European Simply Quartet translates this ancient theater symbol into music. Haydn's G-major Quartet embodies the comic as it plays with timing and form. Bartók's Sixth String Quartet was the last work completed by the composer in Europe. The Second World War robbed the composer of his homeland, forcing him to emigrate to America. Each of the quartet movements bears the same performance indication, “mesto” (sad). The Simply Quartet will present the two works alongside a first performance: a commissioned work by Julia Lacherstorfer composed specially for the ensemble.


Joseph Haydn
String Quartet in G major, op. 76, no. 1

Julia Lacherstorfer
ECHO Commissioned Work

Béla Bartók
String Quartet No. 6, Sz. 114

Estimated end time: 12:00 PM


Danfeng Shen Violin
Antonia Rankersberger Violin
Xiang Lyu Viola
Ivan Valentin Hollup Roald Cello