Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

G. Mahler: Symphony No. 6 conducted by Lahav Shani

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With their Beethoven program, Lahav Shani and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra electrified the Festspielhaus audience. We look forward to building on this success with a monumental symphony: Mahler’s Sixth may be known as the “Tragic,” but it is much more than that alone. Here its creator’s vision of portraying a whole world within a symphony becomes a reality. And this “world” is amazingly true-to-life: one theme depicts Mahler’s wife Alma, while later the orchestra plays cowbells, a rute, a tambourine and, not to be forgotten, a hammer – for the famous hammer blows in the finale.

Photo that shows Lahav Shani 070 C Marco Borggreve. © Marco Borggreve
© Marco Borggreve


Gustav Mahler
Symphony No. 6 in A minor (“Tragic”)

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