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Quartet & Vocals

SWR Chamber Music

An exciting program featuring a kind of "ninth symphony": a quartet which includes a singing voice, similar to the chorus in Beethoven's last symphony. Schoenberg's Second String Quartet with added soprano solo is a milestone in twentieth century chamber music. We may wonder why the composer included the popular song “Oh du lieber Augustin, alles ist hin” ("Oh, dear Augustin, it’s all over"). Was he referring to the musical language of Romanticism, or to his troubled marriage? This Quartet is so passionate that Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, himself a specialist in relationship dramas, used it as the basis for the music to his classic film Talk to Her.


Giacomo Puccini
Crisantemi for String Quartet

Maurice Ravel
String Quartet in F major, op. 35


Arnold Schoenberg
Quartet No. 2, op. 10 for soprano and string quartet

Estimated end time: 17:30


Mojca Erdmann Soprano
Mila Georgieva Violin
Gabriele Turck Violin
Paul Pesthy Viola
Rahel Krämer Violoncello


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