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MUSA! Nature concerts

Concert for children up to two years and their companions

It is said that Brahms wrote his famous “Lullaby” in Lichtental in Baden-Baden. And so what could be more fitting to introduce children to the main composer of our summer festival? More specifically: babies and children of preschool age. For our young classical music listeners, the MUSA! group organizes concert formats according to the pedagogical research of American teacher and author E. E. Gordon. In order to meet the needs of every age group, the concerts will be divided: into “crawling concerts” for children from zero to two and walking concerts for children ages four and up. Both events will take place outdoors, and the walking concert will include plenty of singing – on a walk together to our fabulous children's concert.


Estimated end time: 16:00


Hitomi Wilkening Bassoon
Peter Klinkenberg Percussion
Sonja Wiedmer Guitar
Julia Amelia Horny Coordination, Flute, Voice
Andrea Apostoli Direction, Flute, Voice

We would like to thank

Sponsors: Hans-Jörg and Ulrike Haferkamp