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Max Raabe & Palast Orchester

„Wer hat hier schlechte Laune“

"Today is a good day to be happy," sings Max Raabe in his song “Good Day, Dear Happiness,” before unexpectedly tossing in the word “but.” If there’s one person who succeeds in conveying multilayered meaning in a lighthearted manner, it’s this artist with his inimitable voice. Raabe and his Palast Orchester combine history with the present by looking at our everyday life through the aesthetic lens of the 1920s – and from there, looking into the future. His new program is titled, “Who's in a Bad Mood Here?” Together with Annette Humpe, Achim Hagemann, Peter Plate, and Ulf Leo Sommer, Raabe presents songs about the delicate blossoming and waning of love, about confused feelings, and also about the joy of driving with electricity and the desire to pet bumblebees and prowl with deer through the forests.


„Wer hat hier schlechte Laune“

Estimated end time: 21:20


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