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Lars Eidinger

Lars Eidinger lights up the Festspielhaus stage. Like so many things, it all started in Berlin. Under the title "Masterful Performances from the Berlin Cathedral," successful actors recited texts that they had chosen. The idea was so simple and brilliant that it was bound to be successful from the start. So they went one step further and embarked on a tour of Germany. Naturally we also wanted to be part of the celebration, and will be presenting you an actor who regularly stars in Tatort episodes, arthouse films, and on the stage, usually in rather shady roles: Welcome to the Black Forest, Lars Eidinger!


Bertolt Brecht’s Domestic Breviary
Reading with music

Estimated end time: 21:15


Lars Eidinger Rezitation
Hans-Jörn Brandenburg Piano


In collaboration with: Concertbüro Zahlmann