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"At one time deeply quiet, at another full of emotion; dreamy, melancholic, sometimes with the hush of an echo," enthused Hector Berlioz about the sound of the saxophone – as one of the first to champion the instrument. The most curious among the Romantics regularly presented the latest innovations in orchestral sound in Baden-Baden. What would he have said about a quartet of saxophones? As for us, we’re quite simply amazed: the mix of saxophone sounds fits the Romantic repertoire like a glove, and Mendelssohn's string quartet movements in particular are a revelation. This version, a special arrangement by the Kebyart Ensemble, seems anything but exotic, and more like a long-awaited homecoming. Whoever has heard a string quartet slow movement on four saxophones will scarcely want to experience this music in any other way.

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Igor Stravinsky
Pulcinella Suite
Arrangement: Kebyart Ensemble

Commissioned work TBC

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Four Pieces for String Quartet in E major, op.81
Arrangement: Kebyart Ensemble

Federico García Lorca
Canciones españolas antiguas
Arrangement: Joan Pérez-Villegas Morey

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