Jules Massenet: Werther

New production by Robert Carsen, conductor: Thomas Hengelbrock, as Werther: Jonathan Tetelman

With Werther, it is clear why Robert Carsen had to stage this opera. Theatrical material at its finest, as if tailor-made for the Canadian director, who works very often in France and whose stage language is understood all over the world. His Ring des Nibelungen, produced in Cologne, was presented not only in Shanghai, but also at the EXPO. We can expect this Werther to be a theatrical celebration as well, featuring highly melodious arias that you feel like whistling right away, a musical fate theme that gradually unfolds its oppressive power, and a narrative sophistication that can be counted on to captivate us. The opera begins and ends with a Christmas carol sung by children – except that at the end, the joy of the children is offset by Werther's death music, a surreal effect that the listener can scarcely resist.

In French with German and English surtitles.


Jules Massenet Werther
Opera in four acts
New production

Music by Jules Massenet
Libretto by Édouard Blau, Paul Milliet and Georges Hartmann after Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther

Estimated end time: 9:55 PM


Robert Carsen Staging, Light
Radu Boruzescu Stage
Luis F. Carvalho Costume
Peter Van Praet Light
Marco Berriel Choreography
Jonathan Tetelman Werther
Kate Lindsey Charlotte
Elsa Benoit Sophie
Nikolai Zemlianskikh Albert
Scott Wilde Le Bailli
Kresimir Spicer Schmidt

Cooperation and partnership

Patrons of the Concert: Anneliese Grenke
Sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung