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Iiro Rantala & Vision String Quartet


A Finn in Venice – this alone is enough to entice us to today’s concert. Jazz pianist Iiro Rantala has composed a portrait of the city with classical instruments, featuring piano and strings. We hear the teetering of the gondolas when the strapping Scandinavians step in, along with the melancholy of those who are captivated by the morbid beauty of Venice. Rantala has a sense of humor, and his city tour veers off in many directions. What awaits us around the next corner – a wild run with Vivaldi, or an improvised dance on the spot?


Iiro Rantala
Veneziana for piano and string quartet and other works

Estimated end time: 9:30 PM


Iiro Rantala Piano
Florian Willeitner Violin
Daniel Stoll Violin
Sander Stuart Viola
Leonard Disselhorst Violoncello

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