Herta Müller

Baden-Baden Salon 2023

"At once seductive and unsettling" is how the work of Herta Müller has been described. At the Baden-Baden Salon 2023, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature will speak about her book Der Beamte sagte, stimulating an exchange of ideas about the use of codes in art. The collages found in Der Beamte sagte appear as stylistic devices early on in Müller's oeuvre. At the same time, they are the expression and cipher of the poetic side of a critical artist who repeatedly exposes and condemns totalitarian systems and ways of thinking. Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal's Die Frau ohne Schatten also first seems to be a mystery full of ciphers. In the Baden-Baden Salon, we will discuss the aesthetics of artistic "secret languages" and the act of deciphering them.


Herta Müller


Kurhaus Baden-Baden

Das Kurhaus Baden-Baden wurde im 19. Jahrhundert vom Karlsruher Baumeister Friedrich Weinbrenner im klassizistischen Stil entworfen und an der Stelle des 1766 erbauten Promenadenhauses errichtet. Es beherbergt das Casino, Veranstaltungsräume und Gastronomie.

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