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Choral Music from Germany and France

"Harmony" is the keyword. This and perfect intonation are central to choir singing, but here “harmony” goes beyond that. This concert is about German-French unity – as well as its intermittent absence. Poulenc's famous choral work Figure humaine was written in the France of the occupation. The music strives toward a goal: the tremendous "liberté," "freedom" on the final chord in quadruple fortissimo, which demands an E in the third octave from the soprano. In addition and in contrast, we will hear Brahms’s Fest- und Gedenksprüche (Festival and Commemoration Sayings), which celebrate the founding of the German Reich in 1871. The program also confronts Protestant and Catholic singing traditions. Incidentally, on the day of the liberation of Paris, Poulenc hung the score of his Figure out the window, to shout out into the world that here, art has triumphed over barbarism.

With surtitles in German and English.


Francis Poulenc
Priez pour paix for voice and piano
Figure humaine
Cantata for a cappella choir

Carl Loewe
Die Walpurgisnacht for solos, choir and piano, op. 25

Gabriel Fauré
Madrigal op. 35
Les Djinns op. 12

Pavane for chorus and piano, op. 50

Johannes Brahms
Fest- und Gedenksprüche for a cappella choir, op. 109


Lionel Sow Conductor
Tanguy de Williencourt Piano
Balthasar Neumann Singers Academy
Sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung

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