Grigory Sokolov

Sensibility without limits

Photo that shows 9A226874 Sokolov Grigory 5 C Mary Slepkova Deutsche Grammophon. © Mary Slepkova Deutsche Grammophon
© Mary Slepkova Deutsche Grammophon
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Grigory Sokolov is considered one of the world’s best pianists. His specialty is the countless encores with which he regales his audience – following a program that he only partly reveals in advance. At the time of writing, we know only that he will be performing the op. 118 and op. 119 Pieces for Piano by Johannes Brahms, the final works of a great composer that are both melodious and melancholy – works that hark back to Romanticism while anticipating modernism.

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Johannes Brahms
Six Pieces for Piano, op. 118
Four Pieces for Piano, op. 119

The program of the second half will be announced at the beginning of the season at