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Festival Gala with Sonya Yoncheva

Verismo: Arias and Duets

She is currently considered the best Traviata, and already one of the great sopranos – and yet what distinguishes Sonya Yoncheva from many of her colleagues is her range. The artist sings Handel as well as Mozart, Bellini, and Verdi – because, as she says, she doesn’t think in terms of vocal categories, but of taking on interesting female roles. Yoncheva will be enriching our gala with arias from the verismo tradition: this late, highly melodic opera movement which, coming from Italy, demands a big voice capable of prevailing against a German Wagner orchestra.

With surtitles in German and English.


Verismo: Arias and Duets


Giovanni Sala Tenor
Nayden Todorov Conductor