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Die Fledermaus

Operetta in concert

Die Fledermaus with Marc Minkowski and Les Musiciens du Louvre: a good dose of fun, musical expertise, and new insights await us. For their masterpiece, Strauss and his librettist took their cue from French theater. In Die Fledermaus, everyone has a free and easy relationship with everyone, a circumstance whose roots go all the way back to the Louvre and Versailles. The pledge of sexual fidelity between spouses was unknown to the aristocracy of that era. A hundred years later, the Viennese bourgeoisie wanted to forget it from time to time – at least for the duration of an evening in the theater, which was teeming with barons and princesses, real and imaginary. Minkowski explores these aspects with his musicians and takes a fresh look at the operetta classic.


Die Fledermaus
Operetta in Three Acts

Music by Johann Strauss II
Libretto by Karl Haffner and Richard Genée

With surtitles in German and English language

Estimated end time: 22:00


Huw Montague Rendall Gabriel von Eisenstein
Iulia Maria Dan Rosalinde, his wife
Michael Kraus Frank, prison warden
Martin Winkler Frank, Gefängnisdirektor (15.12.)
Ekaterina Chayka-Rubinstein Prinz Orlofsky (13.12.)
Marina Viotti Prinz Orlofsky
Magnus Dietrich Alfred, his singing teacher
Leon Košavić Dr. Falke, notary
Kresimir Spicer Dr. Blind, advocat
Alina Wunderlin Adele, maid
Sandrine Buendia Ida, his sister
N.N. Frosch, bailiff

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