Clown fantasy with music for children ages six and up

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Is there a more mysterious toy than the music box? A strange question in the age of cell phones, but actually quite justified: what do you do with a cell phone when it is out of power? With a music box, on the other hand, all you need to do is wind it up. Ours is not an electric, but an old-fashioned mechanical one, and better yet: it's magical. When it opens, out step three musician clowns to enchant the audience. One clown is called Clari, like the clarinet she plays so beautifully. The other is named cello, also after his instrument, and the third clown listens to Leopold and seems to play everything and anything. Above all, he plays with the other two: musical sorcery with one-of-a-kind magic for children ages five and up – and for the whole family.

Photo that shows 59 Claricello Istre Fraus 052. © Istre Fraus
© Istre Fraus
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