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Chilly Gonzales

Solo Piano III - Concert 2022

A career straddling the continents: Chilly Gonzales studied jazz piano in Canada, started a career as a rapper in Berlin, and ventured into completely new territory with his Solo Piano trilogy. Gonzales's concerts present a mix of jazz, rap, and solo piano. Since the artist's performances don’t follow any set patterns, the audience never truly know in advance what they are going to hear. And Gonzales also takes pleasure in surprising himself, like when he searched for a (male or female) doppelganger in order to deal with the dreaded press appearances in his place. We look forward to an evening with a unique entertainer who set a Guinness World Record with a more than 27-hour-long concert in May 2009.


Chilly Gonzales piano
Anne Müller Cello
Yannick Hiwat Violin
Taylor Savy Bass