Chamber Music XIII


Max Reger
String Trio in A minor, op. 77b

Richard Strauss
Piano Quintet in C minor, op. 13

Estimated end time: 14:20


Bettina Sartorius Violin
Martin Stegner Viola
Uladzimir Sinkevich Cello
Hendrik Heilmann Piano



The Weinbrennersaal, designed by Friedrich Weinbrenner in 1824, is the oldest surviving part of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden. Eleven meters high and featuring magnificent chandeliers, the classical hall is distinguished by its special atmosphere. It originally served as a location for promenades: people would walk, chat, listen to the music, and occasionally risk a few guilders at the gambling tables next door. Today, the Weinbrennersaal is mainly used by the Philharmonie Baden-Baden.

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