Chamber Music IX


Pavel Haas
Wind Quintet, op. 10

Hanns Eisler
Divertimento for Wind Quintet, op. 4

Ernst Toch
Dance Suite, op. 30

Estimated end time: 16:40


Jelka Weber Flute
Dominik Wollenweber Oboe
Wenzel Fuchs Clarinet
Alexander Bader Clarinet
Stefan Schweigert Bassoon
Johannes Lamotke Horn
Hande Küden Violin
Naoko Shimizu Viola
Gunars Upatnieks Contrabass
Jan Schlichte Drums



The Weinbrennersaal, designed by Friedrich Weinbrenner in 1824, is the oldest surviving part of the Kurhaus Baden-Baden. Eleven meters high and featuring magnificent chandeliers, the classical hall is distinguished by its special atmosphere. It originally served as a location for promenades: people would walk, chat, listen to the music, and occasionally risk a few guilders at the gambling tables next door. Today, the Weinbrennersaal is mainly used by the Philharmonie Baden-Baden.

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