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Chamber Music II

Whitsun Festival

After so much Wagner and so many Wagnerians over the last few days, it’s time for the opposite: chamber music that is witty, charming, funny, and playful – and often composed as a deliberate alternative to the German musical god, for example in Hindemith's Flying Dutchman spa orchestra parody, a work brimming with technical difficulties. In addition to his Dutchman, Hindemith composed numerous other parodies whose titles and instrumentation are all that have been preserved: for example, Music for 6 Instruments and a Page Turner, a Gouda-Emmental March, and a song in the style of Richard Strauss to a text from a beekeeping newspaper.


Johann Strauß (Sohn)
Emperor Waltz, op. 437 (arranged by Arnold Schoenberg)

Claude Debussy
Sonata for Flute, Viola and Harp in F major

Maurice Ravel
Le Tombeau de Couperin (arranged by Mason Jones)

Benjamin Britten
Phantasy Quartet, op. 2

Paul Hindemith
Overture to the Flying Dutchman as Sight-read by a Bad Spa Orchestra at 7 in the Morning by the Well, for String Quartet

Estimated end time: 8:30 PM


Mila Georgieva Violin
Jing Wen Violin
Jean-Christophe Garzia Viola
Marin Smesnoi Cello
Matvey Denim Flute
Anne Angerer Oboe
Sebastian Manz Clarinet
Hanno Dönneweg Bassoon
Thierry Lentz Horn
Ursula Eisert Harp
Christoph Grund Piano