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12 €


Percussion show for the whole family

Six young percussionists, all from the field of classical music, make music together: navigating between all genres, on vibraphone, marimbaphone, glockenspiel, congas, shakers, snare and bass drums, cowbells, claves, boomwhackers, tambourines, triangles. It sounds like an attic with a thousand toys. And is just as much fun!


Estimated end time: 19:00


Krištof Hrastnik
Florian Klinger Schlagwerk
Alessandro Petri Schlagwerk
Lucas Salaun Schlagwerk
Simon Steidl Schlagwerk
Maximilian Thummerer Schlagwerk
Sigrid Hauser Regie
Blaž Bertoncelj Tontechnik
Martin Nowosad Licht und Visuals


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