Berliner Philharmoniker I

Kirill Petrenko

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Two unforgettable beginnings: a call to attention in the horn ends the silence. In Weber's overture it heralds the night, in Schubert's symphony, the morning. A piece of metal that can sing, the instrument stands in Romanticism for the enchanted threshold. Schubert's “Great” Symphony, which begins with a proper horn melody, was conceived as a bright-as-day counterpart to Beethoven's Ninth. In between the two works we will hear Hindemith, who looks back to Weber on his highly personal path to modernity. The Berliner Philharmoniker could not have chosen a more suitable program for the first concert of their rescheduled festival. Music as a magical promise – which we are at last happy to keep.

Photo that shows Kirill Petrenko High Res Frederike Van Der Straeten.


Carl Maria von Weber
Oberon Overture

Paul Hindemith
Symphonic Metamorphosis of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber

Franz Schubert
Symphony in C major, D. 944 (“The Great”)

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